La Corda String Quartet (two violins, viola and cello) is one of the more popular ensembles, and has been (since the days of Haydn and Mozart from 1760 onward) one of the most enduring forms of musical expression. Whether light-hearted and carefree, or full of storm and stress, it has been utilized by nearly every major composer up to modern day. La Corda String Quartet is a very versatile combination, and serves well at providing an intimate ambiance as well as commanding presence at virtually every type of event. It is preferable for larger audiences up to 200 guests.

La Corda String Trio (violin, viola, and cello) is by nature a more compact group, physically as well as aurally, admirably suited to smaller gatherings and venues. Moderate in price, it is still able to be heard very well in quieter settings such as church ceremonies. Generally, its repertoire is slightly more limited than the quartet, yet full enough to provide an excellent backdrop to conversation and merriment. This group can accommodate crowds of up to 150 guests.

La Corda String Duo (violin/flute with either viola/cello) is our most diminutive pairing, and naturally most appealing to the limitations of extremely downsized occasions, or locations. Room size and acoustical considerations may well dictate the need for this size group. They are adequate for up to 75 guests.

Violin and Piano duos can perform for ceremonies, cocktails and generally all other types of settings. They generate more sound than a string duo, while not as mobile in conditions requiring a change of location. For up to 150 guests.

Violin, Piano and Cello trios are larger in size and volume, a close match in sound to string quartet, but more distinctive in tonal depth due to the percussive qualities of the piano. Audience size up to 200.